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T3 Sixty and/or Stefan Swanepoel has written, authored or published over 50 books and reports about the residential real estate brokerage industry identifying over 20 years the shifts, trends and change that make people win big. Add on top of that T3 Sixty’s industry specific intelligence engine with a customized AI blended algorithm and suddenly smart search is available. Now you can find the appropriate research and get meaningful answers.

These studies provide deep insights into almost every corner of the industry including brokerage profitability, business technologies, new business models, strategies to expand, methods to grow marketshare and many more. T3 Sixty is significantly underway curating and digitizing this huge treasure trove of industry insider knowledge and understanding and making it available electronically for the first time. As part of the digitization process each chapter or study has been curated and indexed, by keyword, by smart topic, by date,  by chapter and by category.

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