Swanepoel Trends Report (2023)

The residential real estate brokerage industry plays a critical role in perhaps the most important, foundational element of our lives: Home.  Every day, real estate brokers and agents help consumers navigate the all-important tasks related to this American Dream. One element of the century-old structure upon which this dream operates the way real estate industry […]

Swanepoel Trends Report (2022)

The rapid innovation the industry has seen over the last several years and which will surely continue in the near future is foundational and will shape the course for the following decade and longer. Leaps forward in funding, technology, and professional and consumer behaviors have catapulted the industry into a new stage, one with a […]

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Swanepoel Trends Report (2021)

2020 will go down as one of the strangest years in American history. An unprecedented global pandemic, a deeply divided US presidential election, locust swarms, rampant wildfires, a record number of hurricanes, and social and racial unrest all flared up this year, rocking the globe and the United States.  But the residential real estate industry […]

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