Reinventing the Realtor Associations

Todays association model, which was created more than 100 years ago, isnt nearly as effective as it once was. This is a roadmap for Realtor associations as they fight their way back to a position of respect and relevance.

The Internet, Will IPOs Create the Champions?

Dotcom sparked by Netscape in 1995 signaled the first big wave of high tech IPOs that dominated the period between 1998 and 2004.This report details the IPOs in play in 2012, at significantly greater valuations than ever before.

Mobile Media

Mobile has changed the way we consume media, this report chronicles mobile phone progression and how it has become the remote control to your life.

MLS Reboot Reinventing the Sharing of Listings

The MLS has been an integral part of the residential real estate industry for the better part of a century.This report considers the impact of reengineering, reinventing or replacing the MLS.

Commercial, Risky Business

This report is a snapshot of commercial real estate at the dawn of 2012, and examines the main issues of the time.

Economy, The Waiting Game is on

In 2012 the European economy was placing further pressure on the US economy, whilst in the US the potential of a doubledip in the economy was growing. This report considers the impact of the economy on the real estate market.