We are constantly evolving our business model, we operate different models, some with intense marketing and branding support using a more traditional agent-compensation model and others with agent desk fees and a la carte services. For example, we have had a virtual brokerage offering for a decade. Our agents have physical offices they can use, but they pay a premium for that. Much of our competition appears to come from discount brokers using a stripped-down service model, which attracts agents who lean toward the facilitation model, doing just a few transactions a year. We believe that technology-borne efficiencies will disproportionately affect lower-producing agents. We are working to develop win-win plans for top agents to compete effectively in an online, rarely-meet-client world. The integration of our affiliated businesses — mortgage, title, casualty insurance, property management — into one transaction experience gives us a significant competitive edge. Our competition is just now realizing this integrated transaction experience enhances the consumer experience.