That is hard to tell. Two developments have spawned new models – marketing efficiency and the shift in broker, agent value propositions. Technology has made marketing most properties – even multi-million dollar ones — incredibly efficient. Marketing a home may soon take two or three clicks and a text request to a good photographer. Although technology forms the base for much of how we deliver our services, we do not see it as a long-term competitive advantage. Every three years it must be thrown out. Our true long-term competitive advantage is our culture and relationships – the people-side of the equation. Providing quality people and support for our agents is one of the hardest things to do, which is why so many new real estate models take the stripped-down approach, it is easier to do and scale. But the hardest things to do are also the hardest to copy and are the most sustainable competitive advantage. We are staying nimble. If a facilitator role ends up dominating and consumers demonstrate they want that, we will migrate to it. We will have no choice. What we know now is that the best agents are not going to these models. If they do, we will adjust as we always have over the past 90 years.