Changes and Innovations

In this Report, T3 Sixty asks industry leaders which three specific innovationschanges will impact the residential real estate brokerage business the most over the next five years

Clash of the Titans: Power Brokers Flex Their Muscle

There have been major changes to the traditional real estate business model in the past couple of decades, but in order to survive in a tough industry, brokerage companies need to keep evolving. These 10 powerhouse firms have done just that and are reaping the rewards.

Gary Keller

Keller has been one of the five most powerful leaders in residential real estate every year since the SP200 was first published in 2014. At the beginning of 2018 the SP200 announced that Keller Williams Realty had become the largest franchise brand in the United States with annual sales volume of over $300 billion as well as leading in agent count (165,000) and transactions (1,041,948).