The Mobility of Connectivity

In this report, T3 Sixty asks industry leaders how the internet and mobile technology will enhance andor redefine the value proposition of the agents contribution to the home buyingselling transaction in the next three to five years.

Shattered Glass: Women, Youth & Minorities Step Up To Leadership Roles

Gone are the days of the real estate industry being a boys club dominated by older white faces today, increasingly, minority groups such as women, a wider range of ethnic groups, and younger generations are shattering glass ceilings and taking on leadership roles, helping to bring about positive change in the industry.

Howard “Hoddy” Hanna & Helen Hanna Casey

This dynamic, second-generation sibling team runs 60-year-old Hanna Holdings and Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. After acquiring Allen Tate Companies in September 2018, the company now has 11,000 agents and employees in 326 offices generating more than $23 billion in annual sales and making it the 6th largest brokerage in the nation (2018 Mega 1000).