Impact of Immigrants and Minorities

Many immigrants come with little or no knowledge of the inner workings of the American real estate transaction, nor do they understand the vast number of terms used during the process. In many cases, this is compounded by a lack of proficiency in the English language. Yet, they desire to and increasingly do buy homes. This poses multiple opportunities for real estate brokers and agents.

Inside the Class-Action Antitrust Lawsuits

The two high-profile class-action antitrust cases currently rocking the residential real estate brokerage industry are already having a profound influence. While the cases will not …

Race For Online Supremacy

For almost two decades the industry has been concerned about the immense influence of real estate portals. In this report, T3 Sixty takes a deep dive into the impact of portals on the industry.

The Mobility of Connectivity

In this report, T3 Sixty asks industry leaders how the internet and mobile technology will enhance andor redefine the value proposition of the agents contribution to the home buyingselling transaction in the next three to five years.