Zillow – Accelerating the Transformation

With a zealous allegiance to serving real estate consumers, Zillow continually adapts its company in accordance with this foundational principle. In the company’s fifteen-year history …

The Value Proposition of Brands

In this report, T3 Sixty addresses questions related to brand in real estate. Do brands matter Is it the agent brand, the brokerage brand, or both


Portals play a significant role in the consumer experience when searching for homes, and as a connection point to the agents who them.

Lead Management Systems

High volume internet lead generation software is designed to administer the conversion of leads created from a variety of sources.

Home Valuation Websites

Home valuation websites are a valuable tool for agents as part of their seller lead generation strategy.

The Internet, Will IPOs Create the Champions?

Dotcom sparked by Netscape in 1995 signaled the first big wave of high tech IPOs that dominated the period between 1998 and 2004.This report details the IPOs in play in 2012, at significantly greater valuations than ever before.